We organize cultural events, make great food, and laugh a lot. Please get in touch if you'd like to host your next event or book a big meal here.


Tamas is a musical masterman, and has set up his recording studio in an old stable out back. Find out more at


We have a big 500-year-old house with a quaint casita in the back. Please let me know if you'd like to spend a few days in our quirky little village.


Dance, drink and make merry

Lively locally-sourced (mostly) organic meals, guest chefs, flamenco classes, concerts and improvised good times...

Mixing music and magic

My main man Tamas, aka Tomisheep, offers full pre and post production for artists, as well as sound design for TV, film and advertising. The context is bound to inspire and the vibe is deliciously bohemian, yet Tamas remains a true professional. He's got all the experience and tools necessary to produce a top quality recording, arrangement and mix. He'll give you valid, honest advice, make you laugh and cook for you if you're lucky. Musicians can even stay in our flat out back, so it becomes a fun, working holiday in the sun.