The Ordinary Chaos of Being Human -Tales from Many Muslim Worlds

Marguerite Richards is curating a collection of non-fiction short stories that shine a light on the diversity of perspectives coming from writers of different Muslim backgrounds, to be published by Penguin SEA this year. I'm helping Marguerite with story selection, editing and moral support on this heck of a project.

Architecture and Landscape in La Alpujarra

Donald Gray is an award-winning architect and neighbour, currently working on the English version of his new book on traditional constructions in the area. I'm assisting him with the design and editing for this project. Oh, and I also type much faster than he does. Watch a video of his life's work, here.



AtalbeitarExiste Neighbours' Community

I'm one of two dozen creative souls living and working together to build and share beautiful projects. I manage the website and flirt with PR, moving plans forward to improve village life and organize retreats. I'm happy to have settled in a pueblecito where we laugh a lot, stand up for one another and lend each other cars and carrots.




Mechanicland Studios

In 2012, my man and I launched a music recording studio in a revamped church in Montreal North. I coordinated the brand's business strategy, logo design, website creation and online marketing.

Today, Mechanicland boasts one of America's greatest vintage gear collection.

The France Tourism Development Agency

From 2009 to 2012, I was Press and Publications Coordinator, overseeing production of the Agency's annual consumer and luxury magazines for the Canadian market. I worked on launches, promo campaigns, contests, press conferences, distribution plans and more. Years later, I continue to write and translate articles for them.

Transylvanian Tales

With the help of the Jeunes Volontaires program and Maisonneuve magazine founder Derek Webster, I wrote a collection of short stories about my late grandfather's village. Here, I met folks - mostly all relatives of mine - who would kill their last tiny hen for me. Meet some of these beautiful people here.